how to change location of the tag column

il use the tag views a lot, but i find it not ergonomic.
when i’m looking for documents, i have to click the tag at the right side of the screen, and then comme back to the documents, and if i want to change the tags, go again to the right side of the screen, and back to the docs,…
it’s the same way for my eyes, it’s exhausting and totally no ergonomic.

how is it possible to move this tag column immediately near to the left column, that mean between left columns and results column

It’s not possible to move the location of the tag selector in the Tags View. I agree that the Tags View is not as practical as it could be. Personally, I hope that DEVONthink 3 scraps the Tags View in favor of a tag cloud view.

^^ This!

Really hope a tag cloud will be featured. Ammonite works well enough - but agree that integrating one into DTPO will open up plenty of new possibilities…