How to change the "Kind" of a text-based file

I have some script files from a particular shell, the xonsh shell. The scripts are plain text files and have the extension “.xsh”.

For reference purposes I want to keep a few xonsh scripts in DEVONthink. When I add a text file with the xsh extension to DEVONthink, it appears with the the Kind xsh and is not displayed as a text file.

How can I change the Kind of the file to Text once it is imported ?

You can’t.
Select DEVONthink’s Help > Documentation > Appendix > Hidden preferences and follow the intsructions to add the extension as a plain text filetype.

Does this mean, in order to give a document another Kind I have to re-import the document (and trash the old one)?

This works a treat (for new to-be-imported documents). Thanks a lot for this trick! :slight_smile:

Surprisingly, now xsh documents shows up correctly even on other devices (iPad) which do not have the Hidden Preference set. So, I guess, this Preference applies only at the Import stage.

Why do you need to change the kind if the hidden preference is working as expected?

Well, I just want to know whether it is possible to change the Kind after import - but I guess taht’s not possible. So deleting and re-importing is the way to go.

It would definitely be the most assured way. :smiley: