How to change to font and font size of the DTOP

How can I change the font and font size used for the filenames in the standard database view?

Thanks, in advanced.

The fonts can be changed in Preferences > General for list & columns view.

Thanks for the fast answer, but I do not find where to do this.
Can you provide a screenshot?


Assuming that you use DEVONthink Pro Office 2.x then the font options are at the bottom of this preference pane:

Sorry, my fault, using DEVONthink Pro Office 3.x and for me this option is not available:

So, is there an option for 3.x?


There’s actually no more Pro Office edition, therefore I assumed that it’s version 2 :slight_smile: Anyway, it’s only possible to change the size of the font (see “Darstellungs-Textgröße”), this size is used by list/icon/columns & sheet views. The other option (see “Seitenleisten-Textgröße”) is only used by the sidebar.

You’re right it’s called Devonthink 3 Pro-Version. But it’s not version 2.x, see screenshot.
But anyway I understood it’s not more possible anymore.


Will future releases of DT3pro be able to change the font? I would like to be able to use fixed width style to view the filenames.


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Sorry but no there are no current plans to allow changing the font used in the interface.

Just to be clear, font sizes in sidebars and name lists can be changed easily. A Preference pane I missed. So Bluefrog must be discussing something different (e.g. Mac menus?)
View Text Size
Sidebar Text size

We :older_man: must help each other.

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there are no current plans to allow changing the font used

I referred to the font used, i.e., you can’t use Comic Sans for the interface (and shame if someone tried! :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue: )

Well, at the risk of being a stickler for details, technically there is no plan to change the typeface used. The font size of the (non changeable) typeface can be changed.

I was just looking for how to do this. Thanks :grinning: