How to clear those 'notification' numbers...

Hello all,

Silly question of the day - but in similar manner to the red badge app icon in iOS - I’m starting to get progressively irked by their taunting appearance! :wink:

How do I ‘clear’ these:

DEVONthink Academics (Active) Database — %22(Active) Check if OCR'ed%22 at 16.57.30.png

I’m not even sure what they represent - since “16” and “7” don’t necessarily(??) correlate with anything I’ve added to either of the databases of late…

The “1” down at [Today], is for a previously not-searchable pdf that I converted a few hours back, thanks to my DTPO upgrade. Annoyingly, when I open the pdf, it still doesn’t reset/clear the notification number.

Pretty sure I will experience a supreme face-palm moment as soon as someone replies - but hey - beyond the point of caring, I just want them gone! 8)

My understanding is that those “badge” numbers refer to the items in each of the localised inboxes for those particular databases/smart groups. The only way I know to get rid of the badge numbers is to move items out of the inbox.

The numbers correspond to the number of items in that particular smart group, or in the case of databases, the number of items in the inbox of that database. So given your posted graphic, you have 16 items in the inbox of DEVONthink Academics…, 7 items in the inbox of My Personal…, and 1 item that has been added to/or edited in the database(s) today.

Aw shucks. Cue face-palm. :blush:

I never actually look at my DB inbox - always work out of Global - but it slipped my mind that if I drag from Global Inbox ‘onto’ a DB, as opposed to a specific group - then by default, all is dropped in the DB inbox…

Sure enough - there are “16” and “7” items sitting in my respective inboxes.

Thanks. :mrgreen:

Any ideas about the [Today] smart group count of “1” - that file (the one I converted today), is located in one of normal group folders - i.e. not in the DB inbox… Cannot fathom how moving it would change anything - and as mentioned - it remains “numbered” despite my having accessed it…

Hover the mouse over Smart Groups in the sidebar, and click ‘hide’ when it appears! I know that sounds flippant, but I rarely use Smart Groups in the sidebar so this works best for me. Otherwise, I don’t think there’s a way to get rid of that badge number, as it’s generated by smart group values, rather than an inbox item count.