How to colour your tags

Thank you. I learn something new every day with DT. :grinning:



You’re welcome! Glad you like the new blog post :heart: :slight_smile:

It never stops! Thanks for the pointer @Stephen_C; the blog isn’t (well, wasn’t) on my list of things to keep an eye on…

For me it popped up as an alert for an addition to “Tips and Tricks” and then showed as a new item in that section of “Extras”.


I checked that after you posted, but it hadn’t reached me yet, apparently. However, I’ve often felt as if I’m in a parallel universe in recent times, so there’s probably some kind disruption to the space-time continuum.

Let me know if there’s no Corona in your universe and I’ll join you :slight_smile:


New to me as well and seems potentially very useful. That said, is it possible to revert a tag’s color to the default color after changing it? And if so, how?

The Color popup menu of the Info inspector includes such a possibility.

Found it—thanks @cgrunenberg