How to constantly run a script downloading pdfs from RSS feed

Hi there,

I have a script that tells DEvonthink to downloads pdf`s from a RSS feed.
When I run it, it puts the pdf in the inbox and names them very neatly and correct.

How can I implement such a script in DT so it runs without any action of mine and puts the pdf in just one Database?

Any help apprecciated or any hint where I can read about this stuff. I am completly unfamiliar with working with scripts and how to implement properly in your workflow.

Check out the Help > Documentation > Automation chapter for info on such processes.

You’d likely be looking at a smart rule. Here’s an example…


This is a terrific tip, but how do you get the “” to appear (or other external source)? When I look in the “Search in” drop down, I only see items in my DT databases.


That is just the name of the feed. It’s still an item in a database, not external.

But the OP’s question was how to “download” from an RSS feed. Isn’t that “external”?

(It would be cool also if you could enter a URL for the location so you could hook into a REST service or similar.)

Thank you for your advice. It is great how you help and support the community!
That being said…it doesn’t do the trick. :wink:

And I dont understand in your smart rule the whereabout of the script I use.

See; I downloaded the script here in the forum. When I think there would have arrived a new batch of docs, I open the script editor, there ->open file, and then I run it out of the editor.

I am pretty sure I look pretty dumb doing so, because I run the script quite often.

When I read in the Help manual how to get the script into DT :

I cannot find the path. There is no " application scripts"

I am kinda stuck. First I thougth I could copy paste the script into a folder action script. But it doesn`t happen anything. I do try to read as much as I can on this subject and think I understand the concepts, but I don´t seem to be able to get on the horse.

Not dumb at all. Perhaps a little bit lost :wink:
And thanks for the kind words!

I cannot find the path. There is no " application scripts"

In the Finder, select the ​Go ​menu while holding the ​Option key​, then choose ​Library​.
The Application Scripts folder is there. Go into it and the com.devon-technologies.think3 folder.