How to convert all open tabs in a safari windo to pdf imported into DT on a mac?

After a researh session, I’d like to be able to import the related safari tabs nested in a single safari window. I’d like the end result to be pdfs placed into DT3 on a mac’s inbox or other desinated folder.

Is that possible?


tell application "Safari"
	if exists window 1 then set urlList to (URL of (tabs of window 1))
end tell

if urlList is not {} then
	tell application id "DNtp"
		show progress indicator "Converting Safari tabs…" steps (count urlList)
		repeat with theURL in urlList
			step progress indicator theURL
			create PDF document from theURL in incoming group
		end repeat
		hide progress indicator
	end tell
end if

An improved version could also grab the source from the tabs, this might improve the clipped results.

To clip as PDF?

My fault, only the create formatted note from command has a source parameter.

No worries! I thought I was going to learn yet another trick :smiley:

thanks for the quick reply! I’ll give it a go and revert.

Hi Guys,

What you supplied worked perfectly! Thanks!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: