How to convert multiple txt files to RTF?


Would it be possible to convert a selection of txt files in DVT to the RTF equivalent ?
I can migrate one file at a time but is it possible to automate?
Thanks in advance


I guess: a smart to rule could use the action “convert to”. Or you could try to select several txt files at once and then use the context menu “Convert to”

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Yes, indeed the Data > Convert command will process multiple files.

@filou53: Bear in mind the rich text file will retain the font from the plain text file.

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How does a text file have a font?

I don’t understand.
Yesterday I tried to select 2-3 files and to convert them with the menu.
And it did’nt work …
Today, it’s ok.
I suppose I made a mistake … :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Plain text surely has a font. If it didn’t, how would you see the words? :thinking::wink:

See Preferences > Editing > Plain Text Font.

The text file “has” no font (contains no font information) – that setting determines DT’s default display of text files.

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That is technically correct for the format but practially incorrect in the context of DEVONthink. The conversion will preserve the font set in DEVONthink’s preferences. It will not create a rich text file using the Rich Text & Note Font set in the prefrerences.