how to copy selected text to current database?

I’m unable to figure out how to do what should be DevonThink’s most basic core function: capturing text from a source and sending it to the desired database.

Here’s what I did:

  1. ​I defined a Copy Selection Hotkey in Preferences > Sorter
    ​2. I chose “Inbox of current database” in Preferences > Import > Destination

    ​But when I press my Copy Selection Hotkey, the text goes into the Global Inbox.

    ​How do I make my selection go into the inbox of the current database?

Also, how do I instruct DevonThink to always capture my selection as plain text?

  1. The Sorter simply sends content to the Global Inbox. To put it another way, the Sorter isn’t governed by Preferences > Import - Destination.

If select an area containing content and drag it onto the DEVONthink application icon in the Dock, it will honor the setting you made in Preferences > Import - Destination.

  1. If you select an area containing content, the default in OS X is to maintain existing formatting as rich text or plain text. I like that, as when I select an area of a Web page displayed in Safari for capture to DEVONthink, I want to capture formatted text, images, hyperlinks, lists and tables if they exist within that selection.

Note that a capture made as rich text can be changed to plain text by choosing Format > Make Plain Text (there’s a keyboard shortcut for this command).

If you are capturing a selection from an application that supports OS X Services, such as Safari, TextEdit, etc. and press the keyboard shortcut Command-( the capture will be as plain text. The keyboard command to capture as rich text is Command-). Note that the Firefox and Chrome browsers cannot capture rich text via that Service.