How to create a NEW Excel doc in DTPro using my template

I want to create a NEW Excel document in DTPro using my own Excel Template

DTPro has the command
Data>New From Template>Office>New Excel Workbook

I can use this to create an Excel document directly inside a Group in DTPro, this is quicker than creating a new Excel document, then later transferring & filing it in DTPro

BUT - I want to change the template, or add a new template as I do not like the one that is shipped with DTPro!

My current workaround is to create a blank Excel workbook & drag this into DTpro when I need a new spreadsheet to work on…

But is there a way

  1. To change the menu command Data>New From Template>Office>New Excel Workbook to deliver my own spreadsheet template or
  2. Any other way to quickly create a new excel document template (per my design) directly into a DTPro group



You can replace the default template, or create additional templates yourself easily. This is covered under the Templates section of the manual.

If you just want to replace the default Excel template, name your template ‘Microsoft Excel document.xls’ and place it in the folder:

~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Templates.noindex/Office/

Greg - many thanks - problem resolved!