How to Create a patients medical database with pictures

I am new in DTP. I want to create a database of patients with some basic information and I need to link(index) some pictures from iphoto. how can I to do it with DTP?

Thank you

Luis F.

Try this:

  • Select File > Index …
  • A Finder window opens; scroll down the Finder sidebar to Photos in the Media section
  • A split window appears on the right with your iPhoto events and albums at the top, and thumbnails at the bottom
  • Browse to the thumbnail(s) for the image(s) you want
  • Select the thumbnail(s) and click on Open
  • Voila :slight_smile:

[size=75](Please be aware: in the U.S. medical records software is governed by the Federal HIPAA privacy regulations. Other regulations apply in the EU and elsewhere. Check with your software provider.)[/size]