How to create a shortcut for a template:

I created a template. I followed the instructions about dragging the template on the toolbar given in a 2017 email (pasted below) but without success. Scrolling through the community posts I believe I add it as a shortcut, which would suit my purposes even better. But I don’t know how to do that. (If I could do both that would be even better.)

The other question: where is the ~library/support file to be found?

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.

Add Templates to Your Toolbar

Do you find yourself using the same DEVONthink template over and over again? You may use our Project template often. Maybe it’s a custom Markdown document you’ve created. Or maybe it’s one of the templates for use with software like Bookends. Did you know you can add a template to the toolbar in DEVONthink? This is how…

  1. Select Data > New > Open Templates Folder. You will see the Templates.noindex folder selected in the Finder.

  2. Open this folder, hold the Command key and double-click the Toolbar folder to open it in a new window or tab.

  3. Locate the template you’d like to add and move it to the Toolbar folder.

  4. Quit DEVONthink and relaunch it.

  5. Right-click the toolbar and choose Customize Toolbar…

  6. Locate your template, drag it into the toolbar, and press Done.

What version of DEVONthink are you referring to?


  1. That is out of date. The last version of the 2.x line is 2.11.3. You should quit DEVONthink, download a new version from here: Legacy, and overwrite the current version.
  2. In the Finder, select the ​Go ​menu while holding the ​Option key​, then choose ​Library​. Add the file to Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Templates.noindex/Toolbar. The relaunch DEVONthink and it should be available to add as a toolbar button.
  3. We suggest moving to DEVONthink 3. (I personally suggest the Pro edition.)

Ah! Thank you. I will purchase the DT 3 upgrade.

Just a heads up… there are plenty of different things going on in DEVONthink 3.

I’d suggest you download a manual and read up a bit, especially the Windows and In & Out chapters, to get a sense for some of the most user-facing changes in 3.

After you’ve read it, then definitely buy it! Hahaha! :wink:

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Hi, is there an update on how to add a template to the toolbar for DT3? I can’t seem to find it. Better yet, how to create any kind of shortcut to open a particular template (with Keyboard Maestro, Services, whatever).


Just realized this method still works for adding a template to the toolbar in DT3. However, the icon is generic for all templates, so if you have more than one in the toolbar, it could get confusing. Any advice? Again, the best would be to find a way to create a keyboard shortcut.

You can create a shortcut in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts.