How to create documents of custom types in Devonthink

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I like to use omni-outliner to do note-taking, and then store those notes in Devonthink. However, right now I’d need to create the OmniOutliner note first, then import that into DT, which is a tedious pain.

Wonder if anyone has figured out a way to create Omnioutliner notes from within DT directly.

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Just import an empty OmniOutliner document and create a template via File > Export > As Template. Afterwards a new template is available in Data > New From Template > …

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You. Rock.
Works like a charm!


I’m also looking for a way to use DevonThink or DevonNote for outlining. I just tried your suggestion and it works, but when I use it via New from template, I can’t do anything with it.

Or does this require DevonThink Pro?

Control-click on the OmniOutliner document resulting from your Data > New > with Template choice and choose the contextual menu option Open With > OmniOutliner.

When you have finished editing the OmniOutiner document, choose File > Save and the changes will be saved into your database.

OK, now I get it. I misunderstood how it was supposed to work. Thanks