How to create hyperlinks to Sente?


I’m testing DevonThink Pro beta, because I read this interesting article on how to create technical documentation and research using DT, Sente, and Scrivener: The author mentions that a “source” folder can be created on DT, and then, a hyperlink to the reference in Sente. I haven’t been able to do this.

Can anybody help?

Thank you.

In the latest public beta of DEVONthink Pro you could use the Data > New from Template > Education > Reference (from Sente) to create a rich text file in DEVONthink that links to the selected article in Sente.

We’re in talks with the Sente developers, though, to make this integration even tighter.

I’m glad to hear that Sente and DTPro will have tighter integration in the future. In the mean time I’d like to try out the feature you described. However, after opening DTPro and Sente, selecting a reference in Sente and then returning to DTPro and selecting Data > New from Template > Education > Reference (from Sente) I get the following error:

This seems to occur with any reference I choose in Sente. Can you advise me on the steps I should take to troubleshoot this error?

Thank you for your answer, but I got the same error before my post. What could be possibly wrong?

I am wondering if anyone on this thread has found a workaround or solution for the “Reference (from Sente)” template error message?

I haven’t, so far; but I’m not really trying, since I don’t have any experience creating scripts. I’m kind of hoping it’s an error that will be solved soon. I would really like to have Sente-DT integration, since I own Sente (and don’t like Bookends enough to buy it, at least not yet).

My thoughts exactly. I tried Bookends recently and I still prefer Sente.

Hoping that the DT-Sente integration will be solved fast.

I too would really like to be able to use the “data > new from template > education > reference from sente” function.

Additionally, I wondered if there might be a workaround for importing Sente notes that were taken on a particular PDF to DT while keeping the link to the Sente reference.

For example, once I’m done taking notes in Sente, I want to be able to export them to DT for collating/organizing. Preferably, the exported notes would each be tagged with the appropriate Citation Tag {Smith, 2007@245} so that I could then export the collated notes from DevonThink to MS Word 2008 for final editing and file scanning by Sente.

After the magnificient @houthakker script stopped working with the release of Sente 6, the best solution I have come up with from Sente is: Format > Drag/Drop > Default > Annotated Bibliography, dropping the notes into an rtf in devon. While I am taking the notes, I manually insert the citation delimiters at the end of each note for later scanning.

it does work

as we’re at it, an applescript-DT question.

set oNewRec to create record with {name:strName, type:rtf, rich text:strText, URL:strURL} in elLocatione

I’m wondering what I need to to if I want group “1 group/2 group/” as elLocatione. I know, I could rtfm, but if someone could give me a hand…

It does not for me and frankly there must be a better solution to this than spending half an hour adjusting various path names to libraries and databases without getting it to work.

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his ability”

This forum is usually a helpful and friendly place.

“frankly there must be a better solution” — The addressee is ambiguous, and so are the ‘abilities’.
DEVONtechnology, thirdstreetsoftware are at it, at least they keep saying they are. Given what they have delivered in the past, we can trust them to jointly address this problem in more fundamental way in the long run. In the Sente forum, there is a discussion with more ideas to get this script running. Hope that helps.

That was hardly the point.

But since you are bringing up the topic: Who was the addressee of your last post and, indeed, the message? You had already mentioned that you got it to work so one is left to wonder what the post I responded to was saying except “Nanananaaa, look at me, 'cause I got it to work”. Append the noun “stupid” for good measure.
Not to take away from your achievement but perhaps an unusual way of celebrating it. But back to the topic.

My problem is less a technical one, my library is not in the place the script expects it to be and with some fiddling around I am confident I could get it to work.
My problem is rather that in the past often enough an update either to Devonthink or Sente has thwarted a user-contributed solution however brilliant it may have been.
I have come to the conclusion that before trusting my workflow to a solution of this kind I would like to see some commitment on behalf of both teams of developers to ensure some degree of long-term stability.
I’d rather forego the technical finesse and be able to do something consistently for a long time to come without playing catch-up every time the workflow is hampered either willfully or accidentally without notice.

A purely personal decision but I commend you on your efforts (no sarcasm here).


Misinterpretation of underlying intentions and moods is a well known problem in written communication.

Very much indeed. This is why I don’t make substantial efforts in maintaining these scripts (houthakker’s script and the one I’ve written to align filing of PDFs in Sente and DT) nor in ‘supporting’ them.

Yes, on the receiving end. The other side of the coin is that it certainly also lures people into making statements they’d probably never make in a face-to-face situation without making sure that the opponent really deserves it.

Just to get that straight, I never expected you to provide this support in case you were wondering. For me it is not so much the question whether my scripting abilities are up to the task (which they probably aren’t, out of the box) but if the developers will team up to provide a solution which has a chance of being respected and protected during development of future updates. Any user-supplied solution will sadly not be in the same position. Nonetheless it is a nice move to write the script and make it available.