How to create RTF files in A4 format by default?

I am more using the function that allows to create an RTF file in DevonThinkPro, and open it later for better editing in Word, for example. However, I have observed that the RTF files thus created are in US format, even though my version is localized in French. I would like DTP to use A4 as a default for me. I haven’t seen where to change that in the Preferences of the application. How can I do this?

DEVONthink doesn’t specify a paper format on its own. I just created an empty RTF document and had a look at the RTF code created by macOS and it doesn’t seem to include a paper format either.

But you could add a template to the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Templates.noindex and use the template to create new documents.

Thanks. It is strange, because both Word and TextEdit use A4 as default on my Mac. But when I create the RTF through DTP, I get the documenter under US. I think I will have to create a template, as you suggest.
While I do, could I create a template to create directly Word *.doc documents?

Sure, you can add templates for any filetype but not all of them can be edited with DEVONthink.

Yes. Just save it in ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Templates.noindex and a subfolder therein, if desired.

I use rtf all the time because it offered the best comprise of rich text format document that is still editable in DT.

In my experience Microsoft word produces the most compliant rtf files. Page Size and margins are correctly set. I have a template with my desired page size and margins saved in DT as Jim describes.

Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to make DT’s service item “Take rich text note” use a user defined rtf template.


Nor should it. The service clips the rich text of the source document – it is not intended to add text to a pre-formatted template using the styles in that template. It operates like the numerous other rich text clipping apps available on OS X.

(Also, inserting clipped text as a token into some template is a really hard coding problem – especially when you add the companion DEVONthink service “Append Rich Note” to the mix, which would be a necessary consideration.)

My query is the same as the first posters. For printing purposes I like my rtf documents to be A4 and to have particular margins. “Take rich text note” merely takes the selected text, say from an html page, and converts it to an rtf. It doesnt take the page size or margins from the clipped text., so this shouldnt be a barrior.

All that said, I recognise that rtf is a very old format which has pretty poor support on osx anyway, and this is a very low priority problem. Its just irritating enough for my work flow to have to copy rich text notes into my own rtf template (produced by Word) for me to think about writing a script to do it for me.