How to create screenshot (partial) like Evernote?

Coming from Evernote, I am accustomed to its ability to create a partial screenshot of any parts of the screen using selection (overlapping different applications), and with one click it gets sent to the new note.

Is there a similar capability on Devonthink? I’d really like to migrate everything to Devonthink but would like to know if this feature is available.

Also, I noticed that once an image has been imported into DT, there doesn’t seem to be a way to crop it too. Does anyone know how?

Thanks for your attention in advance.

Of course. Screen shot routines are built into OS X. In the Finder, choose Help in the menu and enter the query term, ‘screen shot’, and display all the results.

Look at the page named Shortcuts for taking pictures of the screen.

For example, to capture a selected portion of the screen, press Shift-Command-4 and the image will be saved to your disk. To capture the image into the clipboard, hold down the Control key as well when the command is invoked.

Image editing such as cropping, sharpening, etc. is best done by Control-clicking (right clicking) on an image and selecting the option, Open With… Choose one of the image editing applications on your computer. When finished, press Save and the image in your database will be modified.I usually use GraphicConverter as a Swiss Army Knife application for such tasks.

…and afterwards just press Cmd-N to paste the screenshot into the current group.