How to create smart rule or smart group for 'PDF+Text' excluding 'PDF Document'

There are posts addressing this feature and an older template from DTPO 2 that allowed for searchable PDF criteria, but that template appears to have gone the way of version 2. In DT3, I have tried to create a rule with Kind and both PDF/PS and Text, but that filters out all PDF+Text. Is there a way to assign ‘PDF+Text’ in order to use that as a rule to assign a tag ‘ocrDone’ and move the file to a smart group whose kind is PDF+Text?

What will work as of DT 3.5.1?


Word count >0 ?

Thanks for the answer on identifying a searchable pdf. I stumbled across that feature after your reply in Toolbar -> Actions -> New from Template -> Smart Groups -> PDFs (not searchable).
Part 2: is the kind property assignable or constant? It appears that that property only changes as a result of OCR. Is there another way to modify the kind property?

No the Kind is not user-definable.

I’ve just had the same problem. Came up with the same idea about >0 words myself, but: This is unfortunately not working if you’ve lots of scans that are basically plain images, in PDF.

The reason I am looking for a “PDF+Text” kind search is that I want to have a smart rule for running OCR automatically. At the moment, I can’t, so those PDFs are re-OCRd each time.

So you have images that do not contain any text but are in PDF format, right? In that case: Why even bother with PDF? It will most certainly take up more space than any image format (like jpeg, png or tiff), and since you don’t have text…

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Why bother… Because those are already there…

So anyway. I’ve created a workaround giving those a tag “Don’t OCR” and have the rule take that into consideration.