How to crop a page?

Cropping pages in PDF documents is an essential part of my workflow (as I suspect it is for many). I used to use Preview on OSX to do this, which was no problem.

I am running into a problem with this in Devonthink. If I open a document from Devonthink in Preview, then when I go to save it, it says that the original can’t be modified and that I must save a copy, which subsequently doesn’t appear in Devonthink. Obviously not a satisfactory solution. However, I also can’t find out how to crop a page from WITHIN Devonthink.

Any input much appreciated!

Thanks korm. I just tried that method. “Save” appeared to work, though when I went back into Devonthink the same uncropped version is there. Opening it again in Preview shows the cropped version. Ah, just a problem with the thumbnail I thought. Though updating the thumbnail changed nothing. I removed the thumbnail, then created it again, and still the uncropped version on the thumbnail. If I open in Devonthink however, it is the cropped version!

Seems like odd behaviour; is there any way to get it to show the cropped thumbnail? Presumably if I remove the file from Devonthink, then add the cropped version it will show the correct thumbnail?

If you’re talking about the Preview app on the Mac, that’s not correct. The sidebar thumbnails view shows the cropped version, and the Mac (Finder) shows the cropped version also.

This is an Apple issue, not a DEVONtech one. Apple doesn’t allow Preview to edit files in the User Library, where the DEVONthink Personal library lives. That’s their call, not ours.
Your best bet is to crop before importing or upgrade to Pro / Pro Office and use separate databases located in a folder in your Home directory.

Another option is to index the PFD documents rather than import them into the database.

I believe they are indexed; how can I confirm?

Indexed folders and documents show an upswept arrow icon to the right of the document name. I suspect that your documents are not Indexed, as indexed PDF documents are editable in (no warning that the original document cannot be modified).
Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 7.38.11 AM.png

Is it still not possible to crop files that are within the DT database, i.e. not indexed?

It depends what you are asking; records which reside in the global inbox cannot be edited using Preview, because Preview cannot save back to the global inbox. This issue was described further up, and remains unchanged. Other software - Adobe Acrobat, for example - does not suffer from that limitation, so can edit and save back to global inbox.

The default location for databases (other that the global inbox) in DT3 is not in the user library (but rather in the user directory). Preview does not suffer the same limitations here.

As such: you can edit records using external apps. Using Preview, you are limited to editing such records which are anywhere but in the global inbox.

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No there is no Crop tool for PDFs in DEVONthink.

Fair enough. Given that so much can be done within DT already, a crop tool would be a really useful addition and further remove the need to rely on other related apps!

Many, many things may be considered “a really useful addition” but may not be feasible in general or at the time. The request is on our mile (or kilometer) long list of things we could do. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, DEVONthink’s ability to play nice with other software means that it doesn’t have to be able to do everything on its own :slight_smile: (says the random user on the internet who keeps that behemoth Adobe Acrobat handy, and hates it’s guts.)