How to customize the region of the search engine?

This is my first time using DEVONagent Pro, I want to know how to customize the search engine, the region, etc.

Update: I already found that how to customize the search engine, but I still don’t get a clue how to customize the region etc.

I’m not sure what you mean by ”the region” but have you looked at the built-in Help?

It is those results that relate to specific areas.

Specific areas of… what?
Are you referring to geographic areas?

As it is shown in the snapshot, and Google has similar setting too.

In the area where I live, some search engines require a VPN to work, such as Google. I am able to set Google’s regions in Chrome to get results that are more relevant to me.

But now I’m getting a lot of irrelevant results with DEVONagent. When I searched the “民法典”, which means Civil Code, the first result came from Macau’s website. Macau belongs to China, but it is a region and it has its own Law.

When I search for the same keywords in Chrome, the top results are from the Chinese government’s website, and that’s what I want!

You could try using a Web (Express) search.

Sorry, I still don’t quite get it. Could you be a little more specific?

Click the magnifying glass icon in the search field and choose Web > Express.