How to deal with two versions of DTTG

Hi, I upgraded to the newer version of DTTG a few weeks ago and just now realized I have the icons of both versions showing on my iPad and iPhone, with different badge numbers. Now I’m afraid of tapping on either. If I do, will it cause a conflict with syncing? Should I just delete the older app from the screen? Thanks for any advice.

Hey, where are you seeing the two icons? If on the home screen, then that just means you still have both v2 and v3 of DTTG installed. Sync was automatically deactivated on v2 when you installed v3, so no harm would be done if you open v2 (unless you have actively reinstated sync on v2, in which case it would just sync). If you are happy with v3 and have not run into problems, you can also safely delete v2 (not just from the screen but from the device), v3 has its own copy of the data. You can, however, also leave v2 put for the time being - whatever suits you. Using the magic which is APFS, the space required for the databases stored by v2 & v3 is equal to the databases stored by one of the two, plus the difference between the two.

Yes, seeing them both on the home screen. And the new version has been working great. So I’ll go ahead with your advice for deleting the old one. Thanks so much.

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