How to delete a custom search set?

This is probably a stupid question but I can not work out how to delete a custom search set that I have created but no longer need! Can anyone help please?

You mean a Global Smart Group? There is the option Delete Smart Group in the context menu when you right-click one.

Screen Shot.jpg

I do not think I mean a Global Smart Group I am looking at the search sets available in DEVONagent when I click on the magnifying glass in the little search window.

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You have a plugin selected there. Generally, the built-ins can’t be deleted. Your own plugins can be deleted from Window > Plugins & Scanners. Search Sets can be deleted from Window > Search Sets.

Search sets can be created/edited/deleted via Windows > Search Sets.

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Thank you, that is just what I wanted to know.

Best regards.

It’s indeed not possible to delete built-in plugins but they can be disabled by unchecking them in Windows > Plugins & Scanners. Just in case that you prefer a smaller popup.

Thanks for this, it was a search set that I created, (that was visible in my screen shot) that I wanted to delete and thanks to you both I have deleted it. Best regards.