How to delete a database just in DEVONthink To Go?

I have a database that I use exclusively for indexed items. It’s also the only database I use on DEVONthink To Go for iOS (iPhone).

I went to delete it only on DEVONthink To Go, but the warning I saw when going to delete it there made me think it would be deleted everywhere else.

How do I remove that database only from DEVONthink To Go for iOS on my iPhone, but keep it on my Macs?

open DTTG’s settings → SYNC |> Locations → click (don’t uncheck!) your remote locations → uncheck the database you don’t want in DTTG.

I don’t know exactly, but you may need DTTG Pro

Deleting a database on any device has no effect on the other devices.

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That’s good to know! I’ve often wondered about what would happen myself. Thanks.

No problem.

Good to know as I had started having all databases on my Mac synced with my iPhone. Now I have decided to manage my current tasks using one database with the information necessary and move the respective group to the area of responsibility DB on my Mac when the task is completed. At first I hesitated to delete all the other DBs on my iPhone, but now I can go ahead and save storage space on my iPhone as well as sync time.