How to delete a synced database

I’ve problems deleting a database. When I delete a database using the menu, the database disappears, but when I sync mij laptop with my iMAc the database reappears.
How to delete a database forever, so that’s deleted on all of my machines?

What I do is before I delete on the desktop, I “clean” the database on the sync location. Then I check and delete the database on all devices where the database still resides. Read about “cleaning” sync locations in the outstanding DEVONthink Handbook.

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Do you use Bonjour and is DEVONthink supposed to automatically open databases? Maybe the deleted database was still in the Finder’s trash.

Depends on where I’m. At home I use bonjour. At work I use iCloud (CloudKit).
Is using both syncs the reason why the databases reappears?

Pretty sure, no.

Have you checked trash per @cgrunenberg and the “clean” I suggested? What were the results?

I’ll try tonight!

Ok. Best as first step read the short section in the DEVONthink Manual about ‘clean’ before doing a clean. Just so you know what you are doing.