How to delete unused autofill text in Custom Meta Data fields

Hi, I am newbie to devonthink 3.

How can I delete unused autofill text in Custom Meta Data field?

I have tried to delete the custom data in Setting - Data, and add new custom data (using the same name), but it seems that Devonthink 3 does not really delete it and the autofill text remains.

DEVONthink automatically remembers the last entered values, it’s not possible to reset this.

well, that seems counterintuitive. :sweat_smile:
What’s the point?
Normally, we delete the old meta data field, and create a new one (with the same name).
We should get a totally new meta data field with no autofill entry.

Exactly the same question came to my mind :wink: What’s the real issue here?

The real issue is that the autofill feature bothers me a lot. :sweat_smile:
For example, when I actually want to enter “2019” , the unused autofill text “201910” shows up, and I press enter button, unexpectedly the result becomes “201910”


It’s also a privacy issue - especially if a database is shared/synced among coworkers.

The autofill suggestions are not synchronized actually.

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