How to delink from sync store and remove DTPO from Mac

Hi I urgently have to remove an instance of DTPO from an employer Mac I have to return, but I cannot find anywhere how to delink it and safely delete DTPO, which I will continue to use on my own Mac and DTTG on iOS.

I am terrified of deleting files accidentally.

Appreciate greatly if someone could point me to a tutorial or forum item to explain how to do this, as a search in app, forum and a review of tutorials did not reveal this.


I found this in the manual, but it doesn’t seem to deal with the sync store?

The procedure is sufficient to remove the connection to the sync store but the sync store does of course still exist afterwards, you have to either clean it or delete it on your own if desired. You might also check the keychain for entries containing “devoncloudy”.

Thanks Christian. I’ll follow the manual!