How to - different document types within one portfolio

I am relatively new to Devonthink and would like to create a portfolio of my children’s work. I have text, spreadsheets and pdfs. Is it possible to create a portfolio document that contains all these files and that is convertible to a single pdf and printable?

Looking forward to your advice!


PDFs can be merged into PDFs. PDFs + other types (such as RTF or Office documents) can be merged into RTFD – which are RTFs with attachments. You can try this with DEVONthink but I don’t think you’d be pleased with the results. The simplest thing is to open each file in its native editor and print the document to PDF, then merge the PDFs

There is no “portfolio” document in DEVONthink (or OS X for that matter).

Perhaps if you explained a bit more about what you are looking for in this “portfolio” there would be other ideas that could be helpful.

Thank you for replying.
What I am trying to do is put together a single document containing the school year goals (text file) scans of my children’s artwork or work samples (pdf, jpg and ideally also mp4)and comments on their work. Putting the jpg into a text file is obviously easy but I don’t know how to integrate the pdf.
I have collected everything I need into a Devonthink database and am looking for a way to extract the snippets I need into one printable file to show what they have done during the school year. Much like a photobook, except for I have text, jpg and pdf.

I hope I have not confused everyone even more.