How to directly display image from a Rich Text document in a Markdown Text document

Dear community members,

I wanted to embed and display an image of document A (Rich Text) in a paragraph of document B (Markdown Text). I searched for solution from other threads and then tried the following steps based on my understanding:

  1. Right-click the target image of document A and choose “Copy Paragraph Link”;
  2. Put in the following code (spaces added to show the complete code) in the position of document B where I want to show the image:

! [Show Image] (x-devonthink-item://C579B5DE-EC02-4D5A-816A-992466BDEF0C?line=0)

But what I get is a question mark symbol in a blue square…

Any advice on how to solve this? Thanks a lot!

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I don’t see how that could work. (I suppose in DEVONthink you did not type spaces after the exclamation mark and after the closing square bracket because that breaks the Markdown image markup and you wouldn’t even have gotten the question mark symbol.) Do you have links to mentioned other threads?

What you can do—this is not a recommendation, though—is to right-click on the RTFD file, chose “Show in Finder”, right-click again on it in the Finder, and chose “Show package content” (or something like that; I’m working with a German macOS UI). Then you can drag the image(s) into the Markdown file and will get the proper Markdown image markup and the path of the image.

Not only is this super cumbersome, you must be aware that the image is gone from the Markdown document as soon as you move or delete the RTF document because in either case the path to the image will be broken. The same will happen when you move or rename your database or open the database under someone else’s user account. The path created this way is absolute, that’s why.

A much simpler way would be to drag the image from the RTF document into your database and from there into your Markdown document. That gives you a relative link which is independent of the original RTFD document. You should ponder wether you wanted to keep the image(s) in the same groups as the documents they belong to or if you create a general Markdown images depository group.

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@suavito is correct on this. I’d agree with his conclusion in the final paragraph as well.

Thanks a lot @suavito and @BLUEFROG for your prompt response! I will try @suavito’s advice : )

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