How to disable the super annoying hidden DevonThink 3 keyboard shortcuts (tip)

Has DT 3 taken over your keyboard? The settings are buried down in OSX System Preferences / Keyboard / Shortcuts / Services.

Command - / was driving me nuts, launching DT3 every time I used Command - / in PyCharm to comment some code.


This isn’t “DEVONthink taking over your keyboard”. Many macOS apps add shortcuts and hotkeys for their services.


I don’t remember giving it permission to remap my keyboard.

It doesn’t “remap your keyboard”. It adds a hotkey.

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Thank you! You save my days!!!
Shame DT!!!
I was happy user about 10 years, until DT3((
I spent a lot of time to find this settings! Are it described in app Help? No!


I think that’s the point of beta testing… There is no need to use such language.

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DEVONthink 2 added hot key shortcuts to its Service Menu items also.

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Yes! I can see it now.
But seems it was not working (lucky for me).

Anyway, there is any mention of this settings in application help system?

For DEVONthink 3, the Services Menu items and shortcuts are covered on pages 66-67 of the current PDF of the manual. There is even a image of the DEVONthink Service Menu items and the default shortcuts.

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And adding to what @Greg_Jones said, it’s in the built-in Help > Documentation > In & Out > Services section.

Very good… But nope))

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66 row pages to read? srsly?))
Can we rich it via search in help?

Ok, I understand your company’s approach for UX))

I point to fact: I found solution in this topic, not in help system, not in official web site. May be Google work so…

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Services are dependent on what the current application is reporting. They don’t just appear for no reason.

Don’t know what rich it is, but one can just search Help for “Services”.

And as a FYI, I don’t/never have worked for DEVON. Just a user of the app, just like yourself, although my research skills might be more developed.


Thanks Greg

Thanks for posting this @anthonymobile.
Every time I highlighted and forgot and used the ⌘/ shortcut to comment code in MATLAB, I’d have to wait 15 seconds or more while everything was stalled waiting for DT to launch.
What a pain, and what a pain to find too.

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Thank you!! Every time I made a comment in my IDE, devonthink was popping up.

The chosen shortcut is highly incompatible with any software development… Kept looking for a setting within Preferences.



Just to add to the mix. Why don’t you put some message in to Devonthink preferences to inform users that there are other shortcuts assigned to services and where to change them?

It is a bit odd to add global shortcuts and do not show them in the preferences where user expects them. Devonthink is the only application that add such shortcuts I have, while i have plenty of apps that add services, but they are letting me decide what is the proper global shortcut or if I want one.


I can understand the frustration, but to be fair: the DEVONthink team can’t do anything about the more general problem that anything we install might do the same thing. If anything we should be onto Apple to expose all of the shortcuts better (so I wouldn’t have to buy KeyCue)

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