How to disable tooltips in upper right pane

I’ve asked before and I’ll ask again: How can one disable the little yellow popup tooltips that pop up whenever the mouse hovers more than a second over an entry in the “Name” field? This is more than annoying as I am reading through articles in my RSS database and these damned tooltips keep popping up and distracting me from my reading. I If I move my cursor to the left, the same thing happens when it hovers over the list of feeds in the left pane.
dt tooltips.png
Since DT has deemed it not elegant to automatically move the focus up or down one item when deleting read items, it is necessary (or at least most convenient) to leave the cursor stationed near the item under review, not somewhere across the screen, as has previously been suggested.

What’s the solution? [Now, now, be nice!]

Use NetNewsWire? :slight_smile:

I agree this is one of the contexts where tooltips are too easily distracting.

Well, I was using Cyndicate, which filled my RSS needs.

Isn’t the name of the game to migrate from existing apps to a total DTPO approach? :smiling_imp: :laughing:

Ahh, that’s right.

That, or Emacs. :laughing:

OK, I think I’ll take SJL’s advice and return to Cyndicate. I’m finding that between the major distraction of the tooltips and trash issue* (see viewtopic.php?f=3&t=9547#p44317), DTPO isn’t the best tool for managing and reading RSS feeds at this point.

*Despite good advice from “korm” in that thread. While korm’s advice helped a bit, I’m still underwhelmed at RSS management.

That was my impression the first and only time I tried it awhile ago. I’d been encouraged by at least korm’s posts to retry it, then discouraged (in a positive way) by yours. I do suspect there could be value for limited usage, similar how to I use Mail and Safari RSS, if I ever get around to it. But for primary usage NetNewsWire seems likely to remain most efficient and comfortable for me for awhile.


This isn’t just a feeds issue. I think this behavior was used to show location, which is great to have, but it is annoying to the extreme. A simple tickbox in prefs turn off would allow those who are trying to lower their blood pressure to appreciate DTP like we used to! :neutral_face: Or a user-settable length of time before the tooltip appears would be fine, too.

PS I don’t use DTP for all my feeds, but increasingly many more, and highly value this capability.

Switching to Emacs completely would also solve the problem, mentioned in the other thread, of the documentation: as everybody knows, Emacs is self-documenting :slight_smile: c-h a and the world’s your oyster!


I frequently use C-h k (describe-key) to double-check infrequently used key sequences. :slight_smile:

The main problem with the Emacs approach: I stopped using Emacs for a year or so (tried to make myself into a modern person), but now I seem to have regressed back to it for more or less everything (apart from mail and Mathematica), abandoning tens of scripts for BBEdit and textmate.

So what’s the problem? Well, after having lived in Emacs for years (before attempting to quit), therefore considering it my “home”(*), I now find myself not immediately remembering lots of keychords. Even worse, I can’t write (non-buggy) Lisp anymore. And I don’t personally know anybody else who can write lisp so no help.

So I guess there is something to this HIG business :slight_smile:

Then again, Apple also came up with applescript. Programs that look like English? Hello?

(*) Amusing memory: In the middle of writing my 200 or whatever it was page PhD thesis, replete with equations and complicated formatting involving heavy use of macros, I remember that somehow a cup (or was it a jug) of coffee fell off my desk. My first (literally before it hit the floor) thought? c-x u c-x u (to be safe)… Well adjusted individual? Life? What’s that? (the sad part is, my flatmate at the time, also writing his thesis, related an almost identical story with vi…)