How to distinguish file types?

OK. This question will either reveal my full ignorance at something simple that I have forgotten or vent my full frustration at something that should be simple to see but is not.

How can I tell whether a file is INDEXED or IMPORTED when I view it in a list in the main pane?

Does the icon change? Does the font color/size/face change?

Or do I have to dig deeper?


Indexed records got a little Finder icon (see help Documentation > Appendix > Iconology) to the right of their name.

Oh. Yes. Ignorance removed.

Perhaps this hidden gem can be brought forward earlier and more often in the main document. For example, where we learn about the VISUAL CUES using font styles on replicates and duplicates, why not also learn about visual cues on indexed or imported files?



I will add an example indexed file to the Visual Cues screen cap and description, but as @pete31 noted it is in the Iconology already.

This will be helpful. Having visual reminders in more than one place is always a good thing (as you learn when you have to teach students).