How to do this: drag & drop highlighted text?

This ought to be dead easy but for some reason I’m going totally blank :blush: on how to do this: If I select a couple of paragraphs from, say, a web page or a blog post showing up in my RSS reader (Cyndicate) by dragging the cursor over the desired clip, other than cmd-c, is it possible to simply drag and drop the highlighted (selected) text from a browser or other open window into the blank content frame in DTPO? I’ve tried by simply holding down the mouse button as I try to drag (both left and right) but it doesn’t work.

What’s the secret to doing this?

I find the alternative to be time-consuming and cumbersome: highlight desired text, cmd-c, go to DTPO, select “add new RTF document”, create a name, tab to the content window, cmd-v to paste. Whew! (Is there an emoticon that illustrates wiping one’s brow?)


  1. In DT Pro.Office 2.0 beta 3, if you have previously dragged a database Inbox or group into an empty slot in the Sorter, drag selected text into that slot. The first line of text will automatically be assigned as the new document’s Name. (The Global Inbox will be activated in an upcoming release.)

  2. Alternatively, copy the selection to the clipboard, use the Command-Tab trick to switch to your DEVONthink application, press Command-N to create a new rich text document with the contents of the clipboard. The first line of text will automatically be assigned as the Name.

Either approach will save you time and effort. :slight_smile:

Thanks Bill - the problem seems to be that when I select a bunch of text, for instance your response above, and try to drag it anywhere, it won’t drag. The highlighted text reverts to normal and the cursor starts highlighting new text. What’ I’d like to learn is: Once I’ve highlighted the text, how do I drag it into the Sorter or to an open document window or anywhere? Maybe it’s a system pref that I don’t know about.


After selecting a block of text, place the cursor inside that selected block.

Click and hold. The text should stay selected. Now drag it.

That’s normal Mac behavior, the way OS X should behave. If it doesn’t work on your computer, there may be a problem with the OS software environment.

Nuts. I feel like I’m in an alternate universe sometimes or that my brain is haywired.

I just discovered the error of my ways by trying and trying to get this to work. I had been dragging the cursor across text to select it. Then I would position the cursor somewhere in the middle of the selected text and click. that’s when the highlighting would just disappear.

Without realizing it, I had been positioning the cursor over some blank space, say, between paragraphs, and it would turn into an arrow cursor and then the selection would be deselected when I clicked (and the cursor became an I-beam).

The trick is to place the cursor over text so that it becomes an I-beam, then drag and drop works.

Sorry for dragging a non DT topic on and on.

And thanks for your patience, Bill.

-Tod :blush: