How to dock activity pane in DT3 sidebar

Hi, for some reason the DT3 -activity pane is showing up as a floating pane, while in the past it was docked in the left bottom corner of the sidebar in the main DT3-window. I tried to drag and drop the floating pane into the sidebar again, but the pane is not docking into the bottom of the sidebar. Can anyone tell me how to dock the activity pane in the sidebar?

The Activity pane is automatically shown/hidden only if the Activity panel isn’t visible.

Correct, but - unless I am mistaken - the pane is normally temporarily shown in the left bottom of the Sidebar, the same way as when performing an OCR-task: while performing OCR, a progress-indicator is shown in the left bottom of the Sidebar and in my recollection the same applied for the activity-pane. Or am I mistaken?

It’s shown only if Window > Activity is closed and if the current task lasts at least several seconds.

I prefer not seeing the Activity Pane as a floating pane, I would it to show up in the left bottom corner of the Sidebar. Does this mean I should close the floating window before the Activity shown has completed?

Closing the Activity window should be sufficient.