How to drag&drop picture in split view?


I use Devon in splitscreen with Safari and I would like to drag and drop pictures from Safari into Devon. Unfortunately, it won’t work. I even tried clicking on “edit” while dragging the picture over the Devon window but Devon just rejects it.

I recently viewed a ScreenCastsOnline podcast about an iOS app called ‘Gladys’ that is supposed to facilitate drag & drop functions. Haven’t tried it yet, but it looked compelling and may solve this issue.

I just don’t understand that Devon to go as document management software isn’t able to do this drag and drop action.

I just dragged an image from Safari into the documents list of DEVONthink To Go and it created an image document, just as it should. Where do you drag the image? And does it show the green + icon when you hover over DEVONthink To Go or maybe even a red circle?

yes dragging it into the folder will work. I wanted to drag it directly into the document (format doesn’t matter) which won’t work. I just have to get used to the fact that Devonthink is a document manager and not a notes app. :slight_smile:

The text editors lack some functionality, especially the RTF and formatted notes editor. The PDF editor, however, should already accept the image and place it as an annotation. What other document formats do you think should accept images?