How to edit sheets?

How do I edit Sheets (CSV files) on the iPad? Can I do this inside DTTG?

And if not :frowning: , is there a round-trip solution via another app?

Sheet editing is not available at ths point but may be coming to a future release. You can use the document provider option in Numbers or Excel but this will convert the sheet into a .numbers or .xlsx file.

Thx for the idea with Numbers. :slight_smile:

After having edited the document then in Numbers, is there a way to get the edited document back into DTTG as a CSV/TSV replacing the old document? (That’s what I meant with “round-tripping”.)

You can export to CSV out of Numbers, but no, it’s not going to replace the file in DTTG2.

Sheets to my mind is the one weak thing about DEVONthink that is not really up to scratch. It is a basic spreadsheet, yes, and it is useful for some very basic tasks but that is about it. Whether or not, however, there is a place in DEVONthink for a more sophisticated and functional spreadsheet is a decision that the developers need to make; from a customer’s point of view I would say that there is such a need and I hope that in time Sheets will morph into a fully developed and sophisticated spreadsheet.

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@Allsop: that’s where there’s a misunderanding.
A Sheet is not a spreadsheet.
A Sheet is a table.

It’s not made for formulae, etc. It’s just a graphic representation of raw delimited data.
Considering this type of data is used in many facets of business and science, we have provided the Sheets as a more comfortable way to see and edit this data.

Actually, it’s just a tsv (tab-delimited) file under-the-hood, presented in a table, just as QuickLook in the Finder displays csv and tsv files.

I stand corrected! :blush:

No worries. I just don’t want you (or anyone) to have expectations that won’t be met by the format.

Is it possible we could introduce an actual spreadsheet in the future? Well, anything is possible - but we would come nowhere near Excel’s capabilities (one of the few Microsoft apps I am actually really impressed with (and yes, I have run Windows for decades and still have a development PC laptop sitting here) :blush: :open_mouth: :laughing: ) Cheers!

@Allsop was not far from the mark. Version 1.x of DEVONthink provided a sheet editing panel that was closer in look and feel to a spreadsheet editor than the implementation in v2.x. The feature was dropped in the 2.x betas – without out explanation IIRC – was requested by several testers at the time (including me) and never came back.

So Jim doesn’t shoot me – it was not a spreadsheet editor – it was merely a delimited table editor that was very useful and easy to manipulate. Personally, I used sheets in DEVONthink 1.x quite a bit and stopped using the feature entirely when 2.x came along. This is a case where the past was progress and the future was not.

What a wonderful way to put it! :slight_smile:

The current sheet implementation in DTP for macOS is for me, even though far from perfect, good enough. The trouble is that DTTG for iOS has no edit capability. :frowning: That is a strange omission not explainable by the greater development constrains on iOS.

What’s a strange omission? Sheets, like RTF files, are not native iOS files. That means there are no frameworks available for this purpose so things have to be built specifically for the purpose.

Alright, I get your point that tables are no native iOS format. However it is not entirely unreasonble to assume that I can edit a document inside DTTG which I can edited inside DTP.

What about allowing to edit the text representation of the table (i.e. the CSV/TSV)? Text editing capabilities are present on iOS…

You can be sure that it’s on our feature request list :slight_smile: