How to encrypt group in DEVONthink

How to encrypt a group? I don’t want to encrypt local files, I just want to encrypt the group inside DEVONthink, for example, when opening a group, I need to enter a password. After all, some of my passwords or private information will be stored in DEVONthink, and I often worry about someone opening my DEVONthink.

I don’t think that’s possible.


do not do this. Use a password manager. That’s what they are for.

I have a database of credentials stored in an encrypted sparse bundle disk image (obviously pre-DEVONthink 3).

PS: My password manager is my brain :wink:

Unfortunately, I figured out that my brain is just not up to it. Went for 1Password and never looked back. My brain is now free to memorize Mandarin glyphs. Which is isn’t very good at, either. Should probably upgrade to brain 2.0

Well, I originally wanted to use DEVONthink as an all-around management software, but now it seems impossible. You are right. Password management is indeed better professionally. I am using Enpass, which is very good.

Many people love 1P. It’s a great product but it’s just my preference to remember mine.

Wait on the 2.0. I hear ARM brains are on the way! :wink:

Well, it seems that DEVON currently has no plans to encrypt groups? For example, photos or personal diaries can still be included in DEVONthink.

No there are no current plans to encrypt groups. Groups do not exist in the file system, so there are technological differences that would have to be handled differently than a folder in the Finder.

Okay, I got it, thanks for your reply.

You’re welcome.

Why don’t you put those Groups that you want to encrypt inside another encrypted DEVONthink database?

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Look at me as a fool. I have been using Evernote before, so I didn’t expect to use a different database. Thank you for reminding me.