How to exclude a database in a search

Trying to find a group I accidentally moved with a drag and ran into this problem. The group name was Auto but trying a search “name==Auto kind==group” resulted in hundreds of hits because of another database with loads of folders named “auto”. So I added scope!=Sources but that doesn’t seem to be recognized.

Also, came across this in the docs:
“All terms are case-insensitive. You may, if you wish, use capitalization for proper names in a query, but DEVONthink will ignore case in interpreting the query.”

A case sensitive search would have easily solved this. I even tried name==[A]uto but it gets ignored.

First time I came across a database query that would not allow case sensitivity.

You could

  • define a smart group selecting for name==Auto kind===group in all databases.
  • in the result window, make sure that “location” is visible
  • sort by “location” there.

that should make it easy to find the database you’re looking for.
If a search returns case-(in)sensitive data, depends very much on the environment. E.g., both MacOS filesystems in use today (HFS+ and APFS) can be set up to be case-insensitive (that was in fact the default for HFS+ some time ago). MySQL, one of the better known databases, also offers case-insensitive comparisons, depending on the character set selection for a particular column. In Oracle, case-sensitivity is a session parameter since version 10gR2.

So it may be the first time that you came across case-insensitive search, but it is by no means unusual. It is also useful in many cases: Data entered manually tends to contain typing errors. Case-insensitive search helps to alleviate some of these errors (as does, for example, equating ä/ö/ü to a/o/u in germanic languages).

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That requires a smart group for every database since there is no way to specify all datases in a smart group.

That’s not correct. You do need to use a global smart group, however.


I wouldn’t have told you to do it if it weren’t possible:

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