How To Exclude Unknown File Types Or Groups?

The feature to search for duplicates with an intelligent folder is really great, I didn’t realize how of these much I had.

Now I added some source files to the database, like web sites and source code. Now I have many duplicate header files and pictures used in more than one place or web site. These are duplicates on purpose, but they clutter up the duplicate folder.

What I would like to do is to exclude files ending in “.h” (for the header files) and files from a certain group (for the web sites). But selecting “name” as filter offers just an exact match, not a “begins with” or “ends with”.

Is that possible? Are there other ways of achieving this goal? Is there a possibility for advanced filters, e.g. with regular expressions?


I still haven’t figured this out:

How can I have a search (or intelligent folder) to only include files with a certain extension which is not recognized by DT, for example *.h? Or exclude them?

This is not yet possible. The only workaround is to search for “h” (without quotes) in the name in case that the files were named using the extension (see Preferences > Import).

Now that’s too bad. When you say “not yet possible”, can I expect this function in an upgrade in the forseeable future?

For this particular problem I will try to replace the duplicates with replicates as was asked here: and shown here:

By the way, how can I get a nice description for the links, not the full URL (in the forum)?

By the way, how can I get a nice description for the links, not the full URL (in the forum)?

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