How to export annotations (like overlinings) from a web archive saved in DT3?

I start to be a somewhat longtime DT user but I continue to be ignorant of all the marvelous possibilities it offers. I have just discovered that I can annotate a web archive that I save in DT3. Magnificient! But I have not been able to export these annotations from DT, like I would do for PDF annotations.
Normally, DT should keep a register of the annotated text, since it can present it to me, but I don’t know if there is a possibility of exporting all overlined texts, for example, as a RTF file, or even as a simple text file.
Could you tell me if this is possible? It would be a very useful feature indeed!

FYI: I use DT 3.5.2 under OSX 10.14.6

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Things like highlighting are just added to the edited document but Tools > Summarize Highlights does not (yet) support web documents (formatted notes, web archives). Only PDF & rich text are currently supported.

IT is a pity, especially if the information is already there. Clutter-free web archives are a very useful format and source of information from my point of view and the ability to extract the comments would be very useful tool. I hope this possibility would be included in a future version of DT.

Just adding my feedback. I’d love highlights on web archives to be indexable and exportable.

@myildi Even though I don’t know what type of workflow make you depend on web archives, allow me to suggest you the following workaround. I simply prefer the web archive formatting to what the PDF (One Page) conversion spits out. So I have a smart rule to convert them post factum.

Screenshot · DEVONthink 3 Convert Web Archives to PDF (One Page) · 2022-05-30 at 14.59.04

I couldn’t agree more with you. I would have loved to be able to export my highlights to markdown. It’s very sad that 2 years after your original request still no progress has been made by the DT dev team to support this. I’m extremely disappointed and don’t understand.

Why would you clip the web page as a web archive in the first place instead of an one-page PDF if you end up converting it?

I find this kind of publicly vented disappointment irritating given how many things the developers did change. There will always be room for improvement. But I don’t think anyone has the right to think their wishes are the most important ones.


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Wow, that discussion has definitely derailed…
The user adopts a soft if the functionality satisfies her/him. Can express wishes and the developers are free to follow or not, given their vision if the user community’s needs and their internal priorities. DT developers very actively listen to the users, I can affirm it as a longtime user of the soft and of the forums. The users may express their disappointment but ranting is not really construction criticism in my eyes.