How to filter a group by tags?


Been trying to find an answer to this in the manual, on the forums and using Google and to my surprise I can’t. So even though this should be obvious, I’ll post here anyway:

If I want to select a folder and only show items tagged with X, how do I do that?


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A few possibilities

  1. Create a Smart Group that searches in a specific group. Like this one:

  1. If you have enabled the group for tagging – you do this by first by making sure the database property “Exclude Groups from Tagging” is not on, and in the contextual menu for that group you also have not excluding the group from tagging. Then, open View > As Tags for the database. In the sidebar of that view you select the group name (because DEVONthink considers that group to be a tag) plus the tag(s) you want to filter on. You select multiple items in that sidebar by command-clicking each one.

  2. Open Tool > Search and chose the group in the “Search In” setting and the tag in “Advanced Settings”.

  3. Use a view like View > As Three Panes", right click the column headers of the document list, and add “Tags” as a column. Then click the “Tags” column to sort by tags. This is not so useful if documents have multiple tags.

Of these, #1 is the fastest, IMO, because you can merely create that Smart Group and double click it to modify the search parameters whenever you want to search for a different tag.

IMO, it would be a lot easier if the Edit > Find > Find in Database search box in the upper right corner of the toolbar would accept “Tag” as an option. Then all we would need to do is set the options in that find box to “In Selection” and “Search for Tag”, and away we go. But, we’re not there yet.