How to Find multiple terms that are conceptually related?

In DTPO 3.9, I am trying to search my documents for the concept of “mocking HTTP responses”. Many of my documents are PDF books and I’m pretty sure there is at least one book that discusses this concept. I can’t seem to get the search down to find my answer.

At first, I tried mock http response but that yielded all the docs that had all those words anywhere in my books. The answer might be buried in the many hits, but I’m not looking through that mess!

I next tried mock NEAR (http NEAR response) and was surprised by the results. The number of hits was much smaller, but failed to take into account the important “mocking” part. This is a representative hit:

I’m sure this is a failure on my part to understand something fundamental, but any suggestions would be appreciated on formulating a proper query given the concept.


Why aren’t you quoting http response per this example?
"http response*" would uncover http responses too.

Also, I don’t see the term mock anywhere in this example.

Good call on responses*, @BLUEFROG. Your observation about the lack of mock is where I’m confused. Why were this example and others found? Note it is DTPO that is providing the highlighting, not me.

Correct on the highlighting. :slight_smile:

Post a screen capture of the actual search.

Here is the search capture with the updated query. Note that I just used “http” near “response” because I am not sure that they directly follow each other.

You’re using All, which is a very broad range.
Remember, it’s always best to be as specific as possible. If you’re looking for text, use the text:
search prefix; use name: when searching in names, etc.,

This is covered in the built-in Help and manual as well as the blog and Help > Tutorials > Don’t Search, Find.

I tried using your prefix suggestion. The manual is not clear about mixing prefixes and boolean operators, so I did my best using text:mock* NEAR text:http NEAR text:response*. That showed document hits, but no hits inside the documents

I then tried text(mock* NEAR http NEAR response*), but that was an abject failure

Can you please give an example of the use of prefixes and boolean operators? Thanks!