How to find only tags with a given name

I try to find all tags with the name “baby-stuff” across my (open) databases.

To clarify, I’m not looking for documents with that tag, but for the tags themselves. (Maximum one per database I guess.) How do I do this?

I tried the Advanced section in the Search window, but when I add a rule for “Kind” there is no entry “Tag”

Similarly, when I add a rule for “Tag” is “baby-stuff”, I get docs and groups tagged with the name “baby-stuff” returned, but not the tag(s) themselves.

How can I list the tags?

I don’t think you are going to do that with a search or a global smart group. Since you are not looking for the actual documents with these tags, it might be helpful to share with us what you want to do with this search? If it is do something like changing the tag name or consolidating tags (book, books, Books Book to all become book), using the Tags view in each database may be the easiest option.

I just want a quick way to see in which databases the tag exists.

Hope this helps.

You can’t specifically “list the Tags”.
You could try a smart group matching groups with the desired name.

Thanks Jim. - I will just do a search for the tagged documents, look at the loactions and infer the existence of the tag in the databases from that. Slightly cumbersome, but not to bad.

This is the result of the smart group I suggested.

Thanks fro the screen shot. That got me on the right path:

The trick is that tags are of the kind “Group”.

So the following search works to find all tags containing “audio-book”:

audio-book-tag_Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 18.55.57.png

Of course if there are other groups containing the string “audio-book” they will be listened as well… I don’t know how to avoid this, but it is not too much of a problem.


It can’t be avoided, as a Tag is a type of group, and not distinguished from other groups.