How to fix "major file errors" in my database

Hi. I just tried opening DT3 and a database of mine. I got the error that there were ‘major file errors’ (3 of them). I selected to rebuild the database. This allows me to open and access files at least.

But it is read-only. I tried Verify and Repair, but it finds 5 file errors but is unable to repair them. Not quite sure what to do now.

I tried rebuild database from within the database just now. This seems to create a new database, if I’m not mistaken, and to transfer all the files into that new one.

I waited a while for the import of the new files to complete, but the same problem remains. Any pointers to solving this would be greatly appreciated.

Assuming that the DT database has indexed files/folder. This is how I usually solve my problems when seeing error message after verify and Repair .

(1) Make sure that you run “Update Indexed Items” before running verify and repair.
(2) Open windows>log when you encounter error message in verify and repair. You will likely see a list of “Missing File”. Click on each item in the list and the item will be revealed in the DT main window. Usually the missing files are lost child in older database (files deleted in macOS folders but still having records in DT that are pointing to no where in macOS ) or other types of mismatches. Delete those files solve (if you are sure about the uselessness of those files) the issues 99% of the time (for me).

It doesn’t allow me to update the indexed items, because the database is read-only. (Read-only I think because the database is broken?)

That’s a different issue :thinking: :thinking:

Wait for DT’s response.

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Are you able to export the contents of the database via File > Export > Files & Folders… after selecting them in the main view?

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Yes. I did that and it seems to have worked just fine. So would you recommend I just start a new database and begin afresh?

Yes, this should definitely wipe out any issues.

Yes it seems that did it. I am loading up a new database now!