How to get/add a Global Inbox Icon to my Finder

I thought there was one there - missing?

Using DTPO; a global inbox there would help save work directly to DT (but perhaps there’s another way to do this)

Thx in advance.

[deleted - the advice below is better]

You can also add the Global Inbox to the Finder’s Sidebar by selecting the DEVONthink Menu>Install Ad-Ons… and check the option for ‘Global Inbox in Save Dialogs’. This method is especially helpful if you are running Lion and still have the user Library folder hidden.

Thanks, Greg!

My Global Inbox icon mysteriously disappeared from Finder the other day. I re-ran the install add-ons to get it back but it’s not going back.

Anyone have any other ideas as to how to get the Global Inbox back into the Finder sidebar? I’ve become so accustomed to using it that it’s an ingrained part of my workflow now and I sure miss it.


If the reinstall is not working, you can put the Inbox in the Finder sidebar manually. In Finder, navigate to

~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2 (or the folder for your version of DEVONthink)

The Global Inbox database is in that folder. There is a item named “Inbox” and other item named Inbox.dtBase2. Ignoring the second item, drag the “Inbox” item to your sidebar. The Inbox itself will stay where it was - the sidebar will have an alias to the Inbox.

Voilà :wink:

If you are using Lion, and you’re still having trouble, make sure your Library is viewable.

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It doesn’t actually seem to be an alias: if you change the name of the sidebar item, it also changes the name of the original item. And, unfortunately, the icon is just that of a normal folder. But thanks for the tip; I couldn’t figure out why the Inbox wasn’t showing.)

(BTW, Places is Favorites in Lion’s Finder.)

This was a helpful link. Thanks

I use the Sorter for this as it’s available in every application including the Finder.

Dear CGrunenberg,
I am exactly working on the same icon problem
The inbox icon in the finder has a “generic” icon.
Instead when you open the info, the icon changes.
Would it be possible to have a real Devontechnology icon in the finder for the inbox?
I checked the posts on the icon without finding the answer (I am on my first cup of coffee…)
Thanks !

The icon in the sidebar can be neither changed by third-party apps nor by the user.

Yet Dropbox and OneDrive have their own icons in the sidebar, so I assume there is some technical difference. I note that the OneDrive icon changes to the generic icon if OneDrive is not running.

On a slightly different point, I put the Global Inbox in the Dock, where it is always available, even if DT is not running (unlike the Sorter). I find this can be useful. And the icon that is used in that case is not the generic Finder folder icon.

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Maybe it’s provided by their Finder extensions? But this would be overkill just for an icon.

Just an observation on my part. Nothing more :slight_smile:

Not quite. You just need a Folder Sync Extension with a correct iconset. This Folder Sync Extension should already be there with Devonthink.

Why should it in your opinion?

Sorry, wrong wording. Please replace “should” with “may” :slight_smile:.

And actually there’s none :slight_smile: