How to get emails from iPhone into DTTG?

I admit I haven’t done much with DTTG. I sync documents to it for reading later, and that’s about it.

Now I’m going on a trip and I’ve synced my documents as usual… but I expect that I’ll probably get some emails related to this trip, that I’d like to add to the database.

How can I take an email from iOS Mail app and import it into DTTG?

(in a pinch, I figure I can just copy/paste)

In iOS 8.x and below Mail doesn’t support share sheets (opening in another app) – I don’t know about iOS 9. If you have webmail access to the mail account via an iOS browser, you could open a message in the browser and clip it to DEVONthink to Go.

any update on this? best i can seem to do now is flag it in Mail and later process it into DTPO on the mac

No. This is an Apple issue, not a DEVONtech one. If you’re on a larger iOS device that supports full Split Screen, you can drag and drop between Mail and DTTG. Beyond that, you’re generally limited to

Apple doesn’t support the share sheet in Mail.

However there is a way around it if you don’t mind making your mail a PDF. From mail select print, then expand two fingers out to make a PDF, then you can copy to DTTG via the standard share sheet

I use Altamail to move messages into DTTG. The Altamail interface is not simple, but it does seem to work.