How to get new "Select Group" box using script

I have been using the “import to selected group” folder action script with the 2.x version of DT all this time. With DT 3.x when I drop files onto the DT icon I get a dialog box which allows for filename changes and selection of destination group. See image below. Is there a way to get this dialog box with filename field using scripts? The earlier script command said "set theGroup to display group selector"


Thanks, but I want this window to come using a folder action script. Any ideas?

Thanks again. I have the script and it works for me as well. However I want it to show the exact same dialog box as in my initial post (where filename field is provided and editable). The dialog box coming from this script doesnt have that field at all.

My issue is that when I download multiple pdf files for my research, i get same number of the dialog pop-ups and without the filename. So i am not able to decide which group I want to drop that file into DT. If the filename field gets displayed I can make a better decision. Hope I clarified :slight_smile:

Ok. Deleted the useless posts. Over here, I see the “exact same dialog” (adjusted for my own databases). Someone else can explain.

Thanks a ton for your time. Sorry for not having been more clear in my original post itself.

No, that particular panel can’t be displayed via AppleScript. Development would have to assess this as a feature request.

Thanks. Would love to see it as a new feature then. Do I need to submit this request elsewhere?

No, we’re aware of the requests here.

That’s great. Thanks