How to get out of grid view

I really like the new DTTG on iPad. Grid view is nice, also. However, I can’t figure out how to get OUT of grid view. If I’ve viewed the contents of a group in grid view, how do I get back to being able to view the contents as a list?

I’m sure I’m overlooking something simple, but I’m stumped.


You can either show the Grid View of another group or select a file.

@ghoetker: I wondered the same thing! But apparently there is no other view!

But surely there should be a list view, shouldn’t there? Jim, could you please add this to the feature requests?

There is a list but it’s not shown in the preview pane as Grid View is.

Clicking on a Group’s name shows the contents list for that Group.
Clicking on a Group’s item count shows the contents for that Group in a Grid View.