How to group Smart Rules?


Is there a way to group the smart rules, for instance by category, to find them faster instead of having to search for in a long list in the sidebar?

Thanks for your help!


This isn’t possible yet but planned for upcoming releases. Other future changes can also reduce the number of required smart rules.


Is there any update on the grouping feature of Smart Rules? Would be really nice to have this feature when they are many created rules listed in the sidebar. :slight_smile:

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Nothing to report at this time.

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Love the product. Been using for a number of years to keep home paperwork paperless. Just wanted to reiterate how much an ability to group “Smart Rules” would be appreciated. I workflow through Hazel into DT3 so I tend to build a fair number of Smart Rules and they are getting quite ungainly to manage without a folder structure. Very much appreciate the work and responses.


Welcome @RHManic

Thanks for the generous comments. They’re very appreciated.

Your +1 is noted. :slight_smile:

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Any news? Would also appreciate to have the possibility to group my long list of smart rules. :slight_smile:

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No news on this at the moment.