How to implement a wiki style graphviz plugin?

The following works in my gitit wiki on firefox using my (simple) plugin that calls out to graphviz to generate the html. The html output works fine in devonthink. How might I get the source wiki page to render in devonthink? The html output is roughly: gist:fc62ccdc5b9d65e8a0a27f46e1826761 · GitHub

If you hover the mouse over “SIMPLE APPLIED MATH”, it turns blue.

     svg a text {fill: red;}
     svg a text:hover {fill: blue;}

~~~ {.dot}
digraph finite_state_machine {


  node [target="_top"];

  CGT0 [label="Surreal Numbers\nKnuth"];

{ node [penwidth=1, shape=rectangle, fontcolor=blue, style=dashed];
  EXT1 [label="  SIMPLE APPLIED MATH  "       , URL="/studies/mathematics"];

  EXT1 -> CGT0;


What source wiki page ?
And note DEVONthink doesn’t support browser plugins.

The source is in the blockquote. And it’s a wiki plugin if that makes any difference?

@cgrunenberg could comment further but no browser plugins are supported in DEVONthink’s web views.