How to Import a Blog?

Hello –

I’m new to DevonThink Pro Office, and I’ve done some searching around on Google and these forums. Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions.

I would like to import all of the articles from my own blog – done in Wordpress – into my DevonThink database.

Import site doesn’t work – it doesn’t bring in any of the articles.

There are about 230 articles (posts) now.

Any tips or techniques?

Thank you again!

Have you an RSS feed configured for your blog that you could add to DTPO?

Thank you! Searched help for “RSS” and got it. For the record:

Data Menu -> New -> Feed -> RSS Address. Then you need to refresh feed to bring in the articles.

Mine only brought in the 10 most recent articles.

I will now attempt to change the settings on my blog and / or feed, to bring in all the posts.

Thanks again!

The feed should load as many posts as you configure on the blog side. If you wish to save the posts, then duplicate them to another group. Otherwise, when your RSS engine on the blog side updates the posts, then the feed in DT will also update - perhaps changing or removing posts that you wanted to be persistent.

Thanks. Is there an easy way to save the articles permanently into DTPO?

I am not only having issues updating the # of articles shown in the feed (changed posts syndicated in Wordpress to 250, but now only showing three in the feed, and none in DTPO), but I want the articles there for permanent reference. I understand what you’re saying about duplicating them to another group, but the articles are not showing up in my feed.

Is manual import my only option? (Not the end of the world if it is, but instinct says someone has figured out how to automate this…)