how to import about 600 files into dtpo?

hello, you applescript professionals.
i hope someone can help me. that’s my problem:

for my correspondence i used a software called »letter star«, which doesn’t work with leopard. now i have about 600 letters which would be lost when i change my system.

to keep them readable i opened the first of it (with tiger) selected »print into dt«, chose a folder, entered the mail’s title and printed it. everything worked perfectly. the letter became a »text + pdf«-file.

but now i have 599 or more letters left… you see the problem?

unfortunately i have not a clue about writing an applescript that opens a file prints it into the right dt-folder with its original name.
can anyone help me??

thank you.

As neither printing to PDF nor Letter Star are scriptable, the only solution might be to script system events.

hi, christian.

what does that mean? (if i may ask)

Scripting system events means that you’re scripting the usage of user interface elements, e.g. choosing a menu item, pressing a button or key etc. But that’s both application- and language-specific and not always very reliable in my experience.

i understand. but that means, i have to enter the doc’s title manually, right?

It should be possible to write for example a script to…

  • get the selection from the Finder
  • open one selected file after another in Letter Star
  • print the document to DEVONthink via system events
  • close the document
  • continue with second step

…but it won’t be that easy to be honest.

i see. i will select the really important mails and print them to dt manually.